Now that Halloween is over I'm now ramping up my production and doubling my back stock for black Friday and especially Cyber Monday. 

Although I consider having to temperately closing the shop for Halloween a failure on my part, I took note of the tiny things I did wrong which added up to a perfect storm of chaos. 

Firstly, I had no back stock of 3D printed items. Although I normally make these to order, the demand for them was so great that printing them one at a time was not practical.

Actual back stock may varry.

So I've made it a standard practice to have my printers constantly print commonly ordered items. That way I only have to print the odd ball ones. 

Secondly, I Kept running out of nerf guns, and stores would too! 


Some of you may have tried to order a Boomco Halo MA5B rifle from me only to get an email saying that Toys'R'us, the only retailer selling them at the time, was sold out as well. 

So why was that an issue? Because just like the printed items I had no back stock at my house/workshop due to space issues.  Normally I would either order the items online with rush shipping or pick one up at the store then refinish it. 

When I started to get ten orders deep on those I found out that ToysRus was sold out and my order of six rifles wasn't going to be coming any time soon. 

I was NOT happy about that, especially after being promised by my local store manager that they "would not run out" . 

I was then put into the awkward position of having to refund multiple customers orders and then explain why. 

It was a harsh lesson, but well learned. I now have multiple back ups of all my most commonly ordered dart guns. 

Looking ahead I expect this Christmas to be huge! My first one launched my store from obscurity to being well known in the Cosplay and video game fan markets and I hope to capture even more fans this year.

Along with my regular products I will be introducing many new products. 

Among these I already have models and or working prototypes of:

- Hyper realistic 3D printed models of various military gear and weapons. 

- High end Modified Nerf guns for hardcore Nerfers with upgraded power and range along with 3D printed accessories at a very reasonable price.

- Various 3D printed Tactical Nerf accessories at a very competitive prices. 

As my company progresses I must also make hard decisions about where I'm heading and what I need to leave behind. 

That being said, I sorry to inform you all that I plan to cut out and or minimize other products to make more time for better selling items. 

These items will be: 

-My tee shirt line. 

-Certain foam weapons, (not the halo assault rifle). 

The simple fact is these items just don't sell well, and they simply take up sales space on my site I could use for better selling items. They also require me to keep tools around my shop that aren't used for anything else as well as eat up my already limited storage spaces. 

That's not to say you couldn't special order these items after I discontinue them but It would take much longer to turn one out than it used to because I'm no longer geared to make them quickly. 

Well back to work for me, Happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas to everyone.