"Due to overwhelming demand for my hand made products I am closing my shop until 10/24 /2016 in order to catch up with my orders. No orders will be accepted until this date.      

All orders placed before this closure will receive their order before Halloween even if I have to pay for the expedited shipping myself. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause".    

This was the message you were directed to when you tried to email my shop or order one of my products online.      

The story of why I had to shut down my site weeks before the busiest day of the year (Halloween) Is one of a perfect storm.      

First and foremost, I am one man with two 3D printers. There is a very real physical limit to how much I can produce in one day.      

Second, my recently hired help Sam, is not available this entire month due to his other job.      

Between 10/13 and 10/15 I received 31 orders for printed items, half of which were custom orders and all of them were expected before Halloween.      

This would mean I'd have to magically produce a weeks worth of prints inside of three days in order to make this happen. Meanwhile orders for Halloween kept rolling in every day until my order list grew to 52.      

That's when I made the decision to shut down the site. This wasn't an easy choice, it would mean lost sales for a week which could put my family in financial jeopardy.      

However the bad reputation I'd get for not getting my orders done in time and potential problems with Etsy.com was worse for my business long term.      

So, on 10/15/16 I shut down my site in order to catch up with Halloween orders.      

During this time, a few things happened that I really wish hadn't...   

For legal reasons I won't mention user names but I feel as though this must be mentioned and addressed.      

1. Cussing at and threatening slur campaigns against me and my site are NOT acceptable, you want to know who's responsible for your order being rejected? look in the mirror, too many customers ordering at once is why I had to shut down.   

I realize the shut down had no warning and it probably did ruin your Halloween costume by not having my accessories but I really didn't have a choice.      

2. Trying to "piggy back" your friends orders onto your existing one by emailing me to ask me to "double your order" is NOT acceptable.      

You placed your order soon enough to miss the site shut down, so be grateful. You trying to double it after it's already processed is not going to fly. Beyond that I can't really do anything other than cancel it after its been processed anyway.      

Once you place your order, its pretty much set in stone unless you want something like a paint scheme change or a shipping upgrade, something I actually have control over.   

3. Lastly and perhaps the most insulting one, paying for a better spot on the order list is NOT acceptable!!!      

Yes a user emailed me asking if $200 paid to me via Paypal could "get him next in line". I don't know how you think the world works but in the one I live in its "first come, first served".      

Reading this email makes my eyeballs hurt! I feel as though my inbox on etsy.com was violated by opening it.      

I can assure you all Cooltoysforbadboys will NEVER sacrifice integrity for money, there is too much of that going on right now and it needs to be punished, not tolerated.   


I know this is kind of a buzz kill for a first blog post but I felt as though you were all owed a more detailed explanation. 

I also wanted to address the issues that came up during the shut down and to make sure that you all now know I do not operate that way, nor will I ever.      

What disturbs me most about the "pay for processing" thing is that friend of mine who's a furry said he had to pay a large sum upfront for his suit to even be put on the list.      

According to him that's standard for the furry suit makers practices or at least that particular one. I find that underhanded and predatory.      

Imagine if you went to the drive thru and the person taking your order said, "Thier are ten cars ahead of you but for $10 extra you can enter our express lane that only has three. Would you like to upgrade you drive thru experience today"?   

The saddest part is most of us would seriously consider it. Paying $10 more for the same crappy food you always get, simply to get it sooner.   

This type of business is actively exploiting the customers impatience and impulse control. We banned subliminal advertising for doing the very same thing, so why are puting up with another form of it? 

In any event, I would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween -but not a safe one. Because that implies that it's not safe which is stranger danger propaganda. I'm betting your neighbors are good people, take this opportunity to get to know them better this Halloween! 

Unless you know for a fact they aren't good people...

Then just tell me where they live and i'll issue some CORRECTIONS to them.